Sunday, September 9, 2018

Saturday, September 8, 2018

and the time chases

To live in the walkway of humankind

 waiting for deliverance is not an easy proposition

as dissent mounts each moment and the allegations of a man

against the organism that guides life and existence

refuse to abate even as he gasps for fresh air in choked

but sure statement on man’s hope and future.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Godly, demoniac, truthful and virtuous forces interact and spawn amazing incidents and characters in tales of lore. Birds, animals, nymphs, ghosts and divine forces land up on earth, fight for supremacy, intermingle and construct suspense, terror and excitement, and ultimately, convey that the truth vanquishes the visible and the invisible fiendish spirits. Folk literature is neither history nor a figment of mind's eye. It exists between the truth and fantasy, and gives the essence of life and living.  One observes a unique blend of uncanny and eccentric ingredients in Himachal folk literature that communicates the facts and truths through characters usually not of the world. In the lower hills, goddess Durga dominates and in other areas, incarnations of lord Shiva determine the destiny of inhabitants.  Cultural habits, traditions and dialects of people often change after a distance of a few miles and it influences the contours of folk tales and songs. However, folktales invariably convey eternal truths integral to human existence.   

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Yayati Returns....


Insightful elegiac artistry offers ambiance of a flight beyond the sky and still holds one to the earthly realities. A greatly distinctive technique, blend of myths and history, imagery, witty spoof, logical idiom and inspired poetic radiance, captivate.  Unique solicitous fragrance permeates the lyrics that charm, interrogate, disturb, rib and stir to think deeply. A renewed zest to invent man amidst futuristic affliction and indistinctness lets off imagistic tendencies but smear transparency, and create genuinely wearing existential situation. Verses appear to survey, evaluate and maneuver age, times and space, and strictly make efforts to assimilate faint changes in intellectual areas of man and thus, creation of an invisible poetic region in man assumes new dimensions. Anxieties about life, culture and civilization, fruition of unethical life in absolute sophistication, and consequent drive to dark areas for location of rays of hope, is a mystifying situation the lyrics generate and a question arises as to the survival of man.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Spirit of Age and Ideas in the novels of P C K Prem


As a master of English, there is fire, vigor, and vitality in his creative writings. He manifested excellence in all the genres of literature. As a master craftsman, he is at ease when he deals with ancient Indian Literature. His writings reflect his multi-dimensional learning in the ancient epics like Sri Mahabhagavad Gita and the Mahabharata. They reveal his profound scholarship and command over the themes with ease and felicity. His critical acumen, analytical powers, extensive knowledge and wide reading elevate him to the status of a legendary writer. He has a penchant to go into the roots of the subject, and projecting them in the truest existence.
It is said that ‘Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed’. True to this aphorism, Prem’s novels carry the characteristic features of flavor, fulfillment, and realization of worldly wisdom. In other words, he deals with society because of which one finds him a novelist of social consciousness and at the end, a moralist too. At times, he becomes one with universal issues and presents them in convincing splendor and squalor and the treatment impresses. In another dimension, he appears to be a philosopher to the core. His philosophy of life invigorates the readers to different horizons of approach to life. Having looked at the range and relevance of philosophy and wisdom as found in Prem’s novels, he stands out truly as a modern-day philosopher. (Dr Laxmi Prasad)
                 I thank Dr P. V. Laxmi Prasad, a learned scholar and critic 
                and the Editor, and Sri S. Kcherry, the Managing Director 
               of Authorspress, Delhi for bringing out a critical book 
                on my novels. Humble wishes.